Creating a Beast

When a branding idea is in its infancy, there is a team that develops the brand’s identity. It needs to have a philosophy behind the slogan. Something that the branding company is going to passionately work to implement and introduce to the target market. They will live and breathe the slogan. One company that has made changes to its branding is Adidas. Their slogan “Impossible is Nothing,” to “Adidas Is All In” in 2013 is an example of rebranding to today’s demographic markets.

Adidas started a new campaign in 2015 that just recently kicked off the New Year, “I’m here to Create.” This campaign targets women and how female athletes find different ways to express themselves and their creativity to get through the challenges they face. On Adidas’ News Stream Lia Vakoutis, Adidas’ Senior Director of Global Communications explains how 2015 was about creating your own game, but this year will be about creativity and how Adidas can help women get through some of the obstacles they face.

Adidas’ first slogan didn’t come about until 1974 when Muhammad Ali said, “Impossible is Nothing.” According to Slide Share, Erich Stamminger, a member of the Executive Board of Adidas, their slogan pushes the idea of being passionate about sports. Adidas’ mission is to be the leading sports brand in the world.

Although there are challenges to overcome with other big name sporting apparel competitors like Nike, Adidas is the leading brand in Europe, but here in the United States Nike has them beat. Overall, they are the second largest sportswear factory in the United States.

Today, their slogan “Adidas Is All In,” reaches not just sports but also music and fashion. They have expanded their brand to reach diverse outlets that inspire you to give your all in whatever you do.

This video, for the most part, shows men in diverse lifestyles giving their all from falling and getting back up again to win.

Their new campaign targets women because they always seem to come in second to men. This new campaign shows just how strong and unique women are in spite of all the demands they face every day.

Go Ladies!!