“Open Happiness”

Coca-Cola has been making history since 1886. Their longevity is due to their commitment to providing its customers with a great soft drink. They are always working to stay current on the various social media platforms and listening to what the public likes to drink. Coca-Cola typically makes changes to their design and slogan every 10 years and sometimes as frequent as twice a year. Their advertisements seem to focus on two lifestyles: being happy and giving back to people.

Coca-Cola tries to connect with their audience by letting their buyers put a name or slogan on the bottle. They have had multiple contest for their consumers to participate in. The designs vary all across the world and social media from commercial advertisement, designing clothing, and the bottle itself.

Before the design came the slogan “Open Happiness” in 2009. Through their advertisements on television and social media they wanted to show that once you open a Coca-Cola you will be having fun no matter where you are. The happiness comes with the bottle that you drink because it is so good.

This video shows Coca-Cola and that to open the soda you have to help out another person with the bottle and interact with them. In a lot of their promotions on social media Coca-Cola shows people smiling or doing something to make another person smile.

Which leads to the next lifestyle they persuade through social media and advertisement. Coca-Cola focuses a lot on people giving back to others and that will create a different type of happiness. In the advertisements when giving back they are usually giving a Coca-Cola to someone and that is lightening their day.


Most of the tweets were based on how moved people were and how doing things for others can really change someone’s day. It is really the small things in life that can go a long way.

People really like to find and focus on being happy. There are a lot of bad things that happen around us but when we can escape and connect with commercials we want to live that life that is being presented.