Fund For a Cause

The month of March has two big events that college kids live for each year, spring break and March Madness.  Spring break is the season when many college students start to head down south to nicer weather or to an island to escape from the stress, anxiety and responsibility of school.

In a previous blog, I talked about the GoFundMe website. Unfortunately, people are starting to post requests that are absurd and take away from the true purpose of the website. My GoFundMe blog mentioned Kanye West’s $53M debt. People actually donated to help him get out his debt crisis.  Now students have caught on and are going to great lengths to solicit generous people to donate their spring break experience.

On February 5th, Braxton Lee Johnson and many others have started a GoFundMe page for people to donate to their desires to participate in a spring break experience. Unfortunately, for Braxton Lee, it didn’t work out for him. Shouldn’t GoFundMe have limitations and regulations on what you are trying to raise money for?

No, how about you do this.


There are those causes out there that are in serious need of financial help. For example, many people have illnesses that they cannot afford to have done to make them healthy again. Why not donate to them so they can work on living a healthy and happy life? And to not drown in medical bills. No one wants to spend their time sick or in a hospital. I know I don’t. The site shouldn’t be used for people to who are looking to cross off “bucket list” items at someone else’s expense.

What happened to people working hard for their money and making it their own way? Today, too many people rely on others to pay for things they want instead of going out and making the money themselves.