Be Your Own Champion

Countless women and girls around the world want to be like the princesses they have watched while growing up. Disney launched their new campaign recently called “Dream Big Princess” that will last for 3 years. “Dream Big Princess” is to inspire girls and women to dream big and have a “go after it” attitude.

During this campaign, commercials showed girls that have achieved goals that forced them to challenge each of them to go above and beyond in all things and situations. They are committed to being great and doing great things for all people in their communities and around the world.  In one of their first campaigns to Dream Big, Disney shows a 16-year-old Canadian girl who has already become a pilot.

Each princess has a stronger side than just the dresses and dances. Jasmine wants to see the good in everyone, Snow White wants to be friends with everyone, and so on. The Dream Big Princess wants to show girls that you don’t need a tiara, a dress, or glass slippers to inspire other people and be your own, unique princess. The Dream Big brings forward what little girls are doing around the world to inspire the new generation of girls and showing that if they dream big their dreams can happen.

These girls make their debut on Feb 19 and 26 on the Disney Channel during their “Night of Big Dreams” and “Day of Big Dreams.” Jen Lee came up with this campaign; she is the writer and director of Frozen. She wanted to start this campaign because the princesses have helped her in her hard times. Cinderella showed her that while she was bullied, she would make it. As she and her partner created Frozen, she was looking for all the strong characteristics such as courage, love, and strength.

Not all princesses have what you want to dream of like weight loss and to be thin. This is to inspire to go out and do, or be someone you love and not just brighten your own life but others.You can be a champion no matter what you take on in life. Be your own champion or princess.