Why Won’t You Consider Social Media?

A lot of small businesses today don’t give social media the consideration and priority it needs. Social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool for “Big Business.” So why the lag in small business using this tool? Technology has become an essential tool for anything and everything. It is the heartbeat of our younger generations and our older generations need to stop rejecting it and accept that it is the future advertising your business.

Buffer Social and Pace both agree that having a social media account can really help a business, no matter what product they are selling. If you aren’t on social media, it may be harder for consumers to find your business. Just having a website isn’t enough to get your company’s message out to the consumer. A Twitter account is also necessary for businesses so people can follow what you’re doing and what’s trending in your business arena.

How will you know what’s in style if you aren’t searching for what people want? Twitter isn’t just about tweeting, you can do a live broadcast, search and get your next big idea.

Why wouldn’t you want to have a Twitter or social media account as a business?

When you have social media you are already one-step closer than other businesses that aren’t active. You can showcase your products and pull people in from around the world. You or your business can be the next trendsetter.

Pace likes to use social media but believes that live streaming will be the next move. In their article, Why 2016 Will Be the Year of Live Streaming, they say that video watching has increased 616% from 2012 to 2015. Since technology took off, people’s attention spans have decreased. No one wants to sit and read a novel when there are pictures, videos, or a story that will get right to the point. People want to know the details right away and then keep looking.

On the other hand, Buffer Social believes that an important tool to utilize is the social media calendar. It keeps you organized and helps your find what is trending faster.

An example of a successful website is BLDG 25. BLDG 25’s blog gives their readers the opportunity that Pace and Social Buffer offer. If you like their blog post or pictures, you can share it with your audience on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and hundreds of other social media outlets. These outlets are very active, and when someone shares their post, it spreads like wild fire.

This is important for businesses because these sites give you tips and tools to use to help your business get consumers attention everywhere. After reading some of their articles, I have looked up some of their tools and plan to get started using them. Not really sure about the whole live broadcasting tool, but the calendar and other websites will keep me up-to-date me on trends and keep me organized.

What tools would you use? Or what do you already use?