Homeless or Yeezy – Can’t Tell

Kanye’s debt began to escalate when he started his clothing line, Yeezy. It hasn’t done well in the apparel market and many consumers believe it’s the worst clothing line ever. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely overpriced. Some of his clothing prices reach upwards of $1,500. That’s outrageous! Whatever cost that much, better put me on the Red Carpet or make me famous just wearing the clothing itself.

His clothing line has been in the developmental process for over 15 years and now has put him into a multi-million dollar debt situation. That’s a lot more debt than most, but since his clothing line isn’t attracting those high-end shoppers it was targeting, it isn’t pulling in the profit he was hoping.


In a recent social media rant by Kanye West, he went on about being some $53 million in debt. Recently, a fan set up a “Go Fund Me” page for Kanye to get out of debt. Go Fund Me is a website where people can contribute to others in large or small increments of payments, this source is known as crowdfunding. If there is anyone in the world that needs a Go Fund Me Page, it isn’t Kanye. Given the fact that he is married to a Kardashian, no one should have pity on him or Kim. Let the Kardashian’s bail him out.

The clothing isn’t flashy either, many are claiming it looks like an outfit homeless people are able to put together.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.29.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.32.28 PM

Ellen Degeneres makes the point that other people would greatly appreciate someone setting up a Go Fund Me page. I know I would. It just seems ridiculous to do that for a celebrity and really wonder why people would spend their own money and give it to celebrities like they aren’t making enough already.

Thankfully, Kanye will not be accepting the money from the Go Fund Me page. It will go to a non-profit organization called Notes for Notes. This organization provides musical equipment to young children and allows them to book studio time to encourage their love of music and to become the next great musicians of the future. The charity will receive around $7,000, and those who contributed money thinking it would be going to Kanye will get a full refund if they aren’t interested in contributing to today’s young musicians.

I’ll support children working towards and achieve their goals and dreams, but not Kanye’s. Who will you fund?


Are You Freeforming?

Pretty Little Liars, Baby Daddy, Young & Hungry all have one thing in common, they are all on the same program network. They stayed with ABC Family as it changed its name to Freeform. After 30 years, ABC Family is stepping away from family and broadening their name for the younger and growing ages.

But it doesn’t seem like many people agree with the new change.


The Freeform network is working towards capturing the interest of “Becomers.” Those who have been exposed to watching family programming that takes on real-life issues. Their story lines target the 14 to 34 age demographic.

But, maybe they should go back to ABC Family.

“The word ‘Family’ sounds overly loud to their ears and that makes it a barrier to them coming into our ecosystem,” said ABC Family president, Tom Ascheim. “For the last 10-to-12 years, we’ve been targeting young people, Millennials, and then something happened.  Millennials started getting older. The oldest ones are nearly 40. So do we follow Millennials or stay with the ‘life stage’ that got us here?”

Freeform wants to change its programming to grow with and appeal to their target audience. Their mission is to win back those audience members that drifted away from ABC Family. In order to achieve this goal, Freeform is committed to providing television audiences with suspenseful, informative story lines that are ripped right out of the headlines.

 What do you think about the change of their name? Will it make a difference? What do you hope to see from Freeform that ABC Family didn’t provide?

Look forward to what you have to say.

Soaking Up Some Sweat

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.21.10 PM

Ask any athlete or sports enthusiast if they’ve heard of Under Armour and you won’t find one who hasn’t. Ask those same individuals if they know any history of the Under Armour brand, and most of them know little or nothing at all about it the product.

Under Armour was born on the University of Maryland’s football field. Its special teams’ captain, Kevin Plank, hated that he was constantly changing his sweat laden clothing and set out to develop a material that would minimize or eliminate the need for frequent changes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.24.23 PM

In 1996, 23-year-old Plank conducted extensive research on the athletic benefits of synthetic fabrics and designed the first Under Armour HeatGear® T-shirt. This product was engineered with moisture-wicking performance fibers that keep athletes cool, dry, and light in the most brutally hot conditions.

He started selling the T-shirts out of the trunk of his car and by the end of 1996; he made its first deal that generated $17,000 in revenue for the brand. The following year, he came out with a Gear® fabric, which keeps athletes warm, dry, and light in cold conditions, and then the AllSeasonGear® line, which keeps athletes comfortable between the extremes.

Under Armour has become the number one clothing apparel for athletes. It’s smart, functional, stylish and comfortable clothing that delivers what it promises. Its popularity proves that the Under Armour brand is well respected in sporting arenas around the world.

More Freshness In Your Bite

Subway’s new commercial is sending their consumers a message about their products freshness since their first day, in 1965.

“Our brand was fresh from the very beginning,” said Chris Carroll, Subway chief advertising officer. “Consumers today are looking for a lot more. We’re converting all our products to antibiotic free, we took all the trans fats out.”

Subway has roughly 44,000 locations and still growing. That is more than McDonalds.

Co-founder Fred DeLuca, who has recently passed, wanted Subway right where it is today in between healthy and fast food. People want to be healthy, but to keep up with it can be difficult. Subway is to satisfy your hunger with freshness and not just empty calories like other fast-food restaurants.

Fast and healthier…maybe depending on what you pick/make.

Don’t Be a Marlboro

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.34.55 PM

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, your body, and the people around you. So why do it?

Some say it’s an addiction, some say it calms them down, some say they only do it when they are drinking, and use every excuse in the book. According to American Lung Association, smoking causes 80-90% lung cancer cases in men and women.

This disease is not prejudice and will affect anyone and everyone even those who are around you when smoking. Save you and your loved ones. Take the pledge to stop smoking and to stop Marlboro’s new campaign “Be Marlboro.” Why damage your body and put it at risk?

Save your body, don’t damage it!

Fabletics, Not So Fabulous

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.01.51 PM

Kate Hudson’s new fitness line, Fabletics, is not getting the accolades she is so accustom to getting from the public and her fans.   Consumers are claiming that the exercise apparel company charges you to be on their VIP list. Then, once on the list, it’s nearly impossible to get off the list. These are just two of thousands of dissatisfied customer complaints.

Fabletics initially offers you an outfit for $25.00, which can’t beat for an entire outfit. However, consumer feedback is a whole lot of negative. In fact, most recommend not to buy any of the apparel that Fabletics sells! There are more than 1,000 complaints from unsatisfied and disappointed customers worldwide.

JustFab, which is an internet footwear sales company, purchased Fabletics with the intent of breaking into the online sports apparel business. Unfortunately for Kate, the co-CEO and co-founders of JustFab have been known to scam people as far back as 2004. Maybe Kate and her branding people should have researched the people who would be in charge of managing and maintaining Kate’s character and integrity. Someone’s going to have a lot of explaining to do!!

Wonder if Kate realizes just how bad Fabletics’ reputation is already? Hope she is able to get her fans back before the damage becomes irreparable.

To Chipotle or Not to Chipotle

Chipotle is giving out coupons for free burritos to gain back the customers they lost due to the food safety issues that have recently occurred within the company.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.56.43 PM

On Feb. 8th, Chipotle was closed for a food safety meeting which was addressing the concerns of a growth in poor food safety procedures. It started when there was an increase in E-Coli incidents in 14 different states. It turns out Chipotle was the common denominator.

Today, the lines are almost out the door with customers carrying coupons. Looks like people are ready to give Chipotle another try. Customers standing in the lines are even joking about the prior food safety issues and concerns while getting ready to place their order.  Chipotle issued an announcement clarifying how severe their food safety problems were. It seems the public has chosen to forgive Chipotle and most feel that it is probably the safest place to eat in the world now. They have learned an extremely hard lesson, but can now see the sunlight again.


There is also another side, the negative side. On Consumer Affairs, people are bashing the food chain and making it known that they will not be returning because they don’t trust that this issue has been fully vetted. They don’t like their food and they find things in their food, and so forth. People around the world are giving Chipotle only one star. They use to enjoy being known as the fastest growing company in the United States. Today their stock market has dropped 24%.


I have never had Chipotle and after this I don’t think I plan to give it a try, I’m good with Taco Bell.

Are you forgiving Chipotle or are you staying far away?

Hack Harassment with Lady Gaga


What do you think of when you hear Lady Gaga?

Me, I think a strange character, but bold and inspiring.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.21.54 PMShe uses her fame to stands up for what she believes and isn’t afraid to be unique and different from others. She puts motivation in everything she does.  Now she is doing it for a group of people that you always hear about but never seem to get the help until it’s too late. These are the victims of cyber bully’s.


Lady Gaga’s foundation,“Born This Way,” is working with Intel, Vox, and Re/code to #hackharassment.  According to the Pew Research Center, about 40% of people experience cyberbullying or some type of harassment but only about 5% report it to the police. Online bullying doesn’t start and stop with a specific age group. It can happen across all age groups. However, the most impacted are between the ages of 18 to 29.  With those alarming percentages, Lady Gaga has brought these businesses together to work on providing a positive change in social media and other technologies.


They begin this journey by hosting a hack-a-thon. Programmers from around the world will come together to put a stop to the online abuse.  Their products will be shown at the Code Conference from May 31st through June 2nd, in California.

Online bullying has always been an issue and has been pushed under the rug for far too long.  According to Hack Harassment, about 29% of people that are harassed fear for their lives.  Why not report these things? Why live in fear?

Cyberbullying is no joke and can cause people to take drastic measures including giving up on life. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich issued a statement saying, “We need to remember that behind every device, game, sensor or network is a real person with real feelings and real needs for safety,” according to Billboard.

Just like the old saying “treat people the way you want to be treated.” Check out #hackharassment and start your own movement to stand up and end this issue.

Flaunting Your Calvin’s

“Cause if you like the way you look that much

Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself

And if you think that I’m still holdin’ on to somethin’

You should go and love yourself”

                                                           – Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

Funny, because Justin seems to be “loving” himself more than anyone else with the new Calvin Klein #mycalvins campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.58.14 AM

Who doesn’t like the new Justin Bieber? He has really changed it around this 2016 and Calvin Klein has chosen him to be part of their new campaign, along with other celebrities like Fetty Wap, Kylie Jenner, and many more.

This hash tag started in Jan. 2014 and has been used more than 1.85 million Twitter mentions with no intention to stop. They are changing it to not just revealing the underwear and sports bras, but their line of jeans too.

The campaign has inspired millions of people to interact with Instagram and Twitter using this new hash tag. Many of these pictures and statuses are people showing their underwear or sports bra’s with their label shown and noticed. Calvin Klein’s underwear apparel has been around since 1968 but when Brook Shields, in 1980, asked if someone wants to know “what’s between me and my Calvin’s.”

It insinuated there was more than just nothing.

As many people and advertisers know, sex sells, and Calvin Klein does just that. They pay tons of money to beautiful celebrities to wear their brand. Of course, they have to be willing to pose with little to no clothes.

Justin Bieber really wanted to be a part of Calvin Klein campaign because he has been wearing Calvin Klein underwear for years. All the while, he wore the underwear in hopes of getting to model for the brand one day.

Calvin Klein’s new campaign has Justin Bieber flaunting his Calvins. They suggest that you should flaunt yours.

What do you do in yours?

Be Your Own Champion

Countless women and girls around the world want to be like the princesses they have watched while growing up. Disney launched their new campaign recently called “Dream Big Princess” that will last for 3 years. “Dream Big Princess” is to inspire girls and women to dream big and have a “go after it” attitude.

During this campaign, commercials showed girls that have achieved goals that forced them to challenge each of them to go above and beyond in all things and situations. They are committed to being great and doing great things for all people in their communities and around the world.  In one of their first campaigns to Dream Big, Disney shows a 16-year-old Canadian girl who has already become a pilot.

Each princess has a stronger side than just the dresses and dances. Jasmine wants to see the good in everyone, Snow White wants to be friends with everyone, and so on. The Dream Big Princess wants to show girls that you don’t need a tiara, a dress, or glass slippers to inspire other people and be your own, unique princess. The Dream Big brings forward what little girls are doing around the world to inspire the new generation of girls and showing that if they dream big their dreams can happen.

These girls make their debut on Feb 19 and 26 on the Disney Channel during their “Night of Big Dreams” and “Day of Big Dreams.” Jen Lee came up with this campaign; she is the writer and director of Frozen. She wanted to start this campaign because the princesses have helped her in her hard times. Cinderella showed her that while she was bullied, she would make it. As she and her partner created Frozen, she was looking for all the strong characteristics such as courage, love, and strength.

Not all princesses have what you want to dream of like weight loss and to be thin. This is to inspire to go out and do, or be someone you love and not just brighten your own life but others.You can be a champion no matter what you take on in life. Be your own champion or princess.