To Chipotle or Not to Chipotle

Chipotle is giving out coupons for free burritos to gain back the customers they lost due to the food safety issues that have recently occurred within the company.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.56.43 PM

On Feb. 8th, Chipotle was closed for a food safety meeting which was addressing the concerns of a growth in poor food safety procedures. It started when there was an increase in E-Coli incidents in 14 different states. It turns out Chipotle was the common denominator.

Today, the lines are almost out the door with customers carrying coupons. Looks like people are ready to give Chipotle another try. Customers standing in the lines are even joking about the prior food safety issues and concerns while getting ready to place their order.  Chipotle issued an announcement clarifying how severe their food safety problems were. It seems the public has chosen to forgive Chipotle and most feel that it is probably the safest place to eat in the world now. They have learned an extremely hard lesson, but can now see the sunlight again.


There is also another side, the negative side. On Consumer Affairs, people are bashing the food chain and making it known that they will not be returning because they don’t trust that this issue has been fully vetted. They don’t like their food and they find things in their food, and so forth. People around the world are giving Chipotle only one star. They use to enjoy being known as the fastest growing company in the United States. Today their stock market has dropped 24%.


I have never had Chipotle and after this I don’t think I plan to give it a try, I’m good with Taco Bell.

Are you forgiving Chipotle or are you staying far away?