Corona Recall Again

On March 10th, Corona issued a recall on 12-pack and 18-pack bottles. The recall is due to having shards of glass in the bottle. They reported that there have been no incidents of anyone swallowing glass according to is a Convenience Store and Fuel News magazine that reports to help business leaders ahead of other convenient stores and petroleum retailing industries.

This happened again back in 2014 with the same issue of glass particles. Even then, there weren’t any accidents or reports of people swallowing glass, but the third party manufacturer of the glass plants are the ones to cause this to happen.

If you have Corona before the recall you can go on to the Corona Website. On there you can identify if your bottle is dangerous by typing in the code that is on the neck of the bottle.

I have never heard of a beer or product doing that for their customers to know where or which bottle could be affected. Smart Corona, I like it.

If no one has reported the glass shards how do they know? Or if this keep occuring why not just stick to can beer?